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Klingspor's Woodworking Shop is a proud supplier of Klingspor Abrasives.


Klingspor is one of the top five manufacturers of abrasives worldwide.


Producing the finest quality abrasives for 125 years, Klingspor is the name to know.


From our unique Stearated Aluminum Oxide, to Diamond Wheels, Klingspor Abrasives has over 50,000 products available to fit your application.


Sandpaper isn't all we are known for, customer service and fast delivery help you get the job done.


Belts, discs, sheets, flutter sheet, cut-off wheels, and so much more!

A very easy and helpful solution to belt loading is a "rubber cleaning stick." This rubber-based stick are held against the loaded belt as it is running. The rubber pulls out trapped sanding residue impacted between the abrasive grains, thus increasing the belt life. Also useful for Drum Sanders, Long and short belts, Discs and Fibre Discs.
F.E.P.A. - "Federation of European Producers of Abrasives." Normally used to describe a European grading system for abrasive grain to differentiate it from the US A.N.S.I. system. Products graded to the F.E.P.A. system have the letter "P" prior to the grit designation. Another grading system is C.A.M.I., which is, "Coated Abrasives Manufacturers Institute." A trade association composed of US coated abrasive manufacturers. This will not have a P in front of the grit.
The recommended abrasive varies depending on the material being sanded. For ALUMINUM, CAST IRON, CHROME, & STEEL the best product would be Alumina Zirconia for rough grinding and Aluminum Oxide for general purpose grinding and finishing. Silicon Carbide is sometimes used for final finishing. For WOOD the best product is Aluminum Oxide for general purpose sanding. Alumina Zirconia can be used for planing operations and Silicon Carbide is often used when working with particle board. For GRANITE or other stone material we recommend Silicon Carbide almost exclusively. Usually ground wet to reduce dust and eliminate burning.

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