Needlepoint 'for the glory of God'

Six Years of Work 1984 - 1990. Dedicated April 1, 1990

The purpose of the project was to replace the standard red velvet kneelers and cushions with handmade needlepoint

There are eight seat cushions, 13 kneelers, a book cover, and four collection plate liners. They are in use everyday and truly works of art. Each has its own design described below

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1. Advent

Lamb of God (St. John 1:29) standing with banner of victory. The three rayed nimbus denotes deity. Silver staff--a precious metal tested by fire is a symbol of purity.

2. Christmas

Symbol of Mary and of love. The Messianic rose derives its meaning from Isaiah 35. Design taken from St. Alban's white festival altar hangings.

3 Epiphany

Three gold crowns representing the magi and their three gifts. St. Matthew 2:11. IHS monogram of Jesus, first three letters of Jesus in Greek. (IHSUS)

4. Pentecost

Descending dove - symbol of purity and peace and the Holy Ghost. St. John 1:32. Always includes the rayed nimbus. The flames signify the presence of God.

5. Lent

Kingly Crown Cross Adorned and palms. The triumphant entry, the crucifixion and final glorification.

6. Easter

A modified Roman Cross entwined with lilies associated with the resurrection. The bulb decays in the ground but brings forth the pure white flower at Easter time.

7 & 8. Two chair seats

The bursting pomegranate symbolizes the power of the Lord who burst forth alive from the tomb. The many seeds have also suggested the oneness and unity of many in Christ - thus the church.

9 Alpha kneeler. & 10. Omega kneeler-

The first and last letters of the Greek. alphabet signify God as the beginning and the end. The design is copied from St. Alban's hand carved altar.

11 The Wedding kneeler

The two gold rings over the cross show the sanctification of the marriage vows. The carnation is a symbol of pure love and of marriage. Because the myrtle is always green it symbolizes fidelity; because it clings to it's support, it is also a symbol of undying affection.

12 The Crown of Thorns kneeler

The crown signifies grief and tribulation.

13 The Circle of Fish kneeler

The number three symbolizes the triune God. The word fish in Greek uses the initial letters of Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour.

14. The open Bible kneeler

Represents the Word of God.

15. The Cross Cantonée kneeler

This kneeler for the prie-dieu suggests the five wounds of the crucified Lord.

16-22. Altar rail kneelers   close ups

16 Spring

The violet represents the humility of the Son of God in assuming human form. The bee was compared by St. Ambrose to the Christian working ardently; and forever1 true to the hive (the church).

17. The Budded Cross

18. Summer

The daisy symbolizes the innocence of the Holy Child. The three stages of the butterfly represent life, death and resurrection.

19  The Cross Clechée

20. Autumn

The grapes represent the Eucharist Wine - the Blood of Christ. The vine is a symbol of Christ. St. John 15:1,5, 8. The wheat symbolizes the bread of the Eucharist.

21. The Entrailed Cross

22. Winter

Holly - A legend says it was the wood of the cross, a symbol of the Passion.

23. Book cover depicting the shield of St. Alban.

24.- 28. Liner pads for the collection plates and the alms basin.


The idea began in the Spring of 1982 thanks to the concern and vision of The Reverend Don Grindy, Emily Sypher, Betty Lawrence, and Curtis Shake.

Work began in the fall of 1983.  Florence Bell and Toloa Perry created the designs. Yarns came from Eleanor's Needle Art Shop.

The needlepoint stitching commenced in March of 1984 and continued until February 1990 thanks to Janet Besmer, Ruth Britton, Helen Dixon, Mary Franck, Helen Gerberich, Beverly Hays, Betty Lawrence, Marguerite Livshin, Bobbi Lombardo, Erma Mowers, Julie Osmun-Giles, Margaret Painter, Sue Parry, Winnie Price, Kathy Schultz, Lynne Shaffer, Emily Sypher, Julia Trevethick, Gussie Zimmerman and Ethel Zapf. One estimate is that it took about 18000 hours of work

H & E Kohl Upholsterers stuffed the cushions.

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